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DESCO International places the utmost importance on maintaining privacy for all who visit our web site. The personally identifying information gathered by us during the registration or application process is only used internally and by DESCO International employees. At no time will the personally identifying information (such as name, position, or email address) we gather be sold to or shared with third parties (including our industry partners).

Occasionally, DESCO International will analyze the information we gather for statistical purposes. During these times, the information may be presented to third parties, but only in aggregate form and with all personally identifying information stripped out.

Internally, the information we gather is geared towards providing you with the best services possible. In cases where we feel that one of our industry partners is better suited to meet your particular needs, we will supply you with the partner's contact information, rather than the reverse.

In additional to the personal information we gather, DESCO International maintains a permanent record of all equipment you post as wanted or for sale on our web site. Again, this is geared towards providing the best services possible; allowing us to anticipate your future needs by understanding what your requirements were in the past.

DESCO International endeavours to protect your information from hostile parties on the internet (such as "crackers"). Any attempts, successful or otherwise, to violate the security of our web site will be dealt with swiftly and with the utmost predjuce afforded to us by local and international law. In addition, we will notify all our clients of any successful attempts to break through the security of our web site.